“I Can’t Breathe” – A Trinity Sunday Sermon On Matthew 28:16-20

Blessed be God forever! Breath of Life!

Interrupting the Silence

Trinity Sunday – Matthew 28:16-20

I can't breathe, George Floyd, Baptismal Vows

“I can’t breathe.” 

“I can’t breathe.”

I never imagined I would begin today’s sermon with those words. When I was planning for us to come back together I thought to myself, Trinity Sunday is the perfect day to resume in-person worship. It’s about relationships, communion, and shared life. It’s about unity in diversity, and overflowing love that cannot be contained.

That’s how I’ve experienced our life together here at St. Philip’s. That’s a part of why it’s been so difficult to be apart the last twelve weeks. I’ve missed you, I’ve prayed for you, and I’ve loved you from afar. Today masks can cover your faces but they can’t cover your beauty. And I have to say, I am so happy to see you and it feels so good to be with you.

But I also have to say again, “I can’t breathe.”

I don’t…

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Glory of Endings

At Mid-day a word at the “Crowning of Mary” !  Meaning of the Crowning


Walked through many days

Today is the last this month

In the silence, crowned

Virgin Mary from beginning to end

Roses are blooming

Quiet beauty



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The words I encounter in the books I read!

Source: The words I encounter in the books I read!

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The words I encounter in the books I read!


Reading Books is one of the great joys of my life!  Whether from my own library or borrowed from friends or the huge variety available through the public Library, “books” hold for me hidden treasures; and, these are unearthed in unexpected ways, or just simply glow with light and feeling and wisdom.  When darkness seems to envelop my mind, I simply take up a favorite book and open it to a “light-filled page” which offers me a sentence, a phrase, or only a word to lift up my heart and spirit and fill me with joy!

How thankful I am for books!  For the “Book of Life” expressed in and through Nature!  For the “Blank Book” which sits upon a shelf awaiting a word, a mark, a stroke of color or a sketched line, or a little memo to return to this very site of wisdom at another time and…

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Akathist Hymn to Saint Matrona the Blind

Source: Akathist Hymn to Saint Matrona the Blind

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Thank you! This site is a spark of light in the darkest places!


Generous words from the author of one of the most important blogs on Hermits: http://www.hermitary.com/ He offers material on the whole eremitical tradition, whereas mine – http://citydesert.wordpress.com/ – is restricted (more or less) to Orthodox Christianity.

“Hello, Fr. Gregory.
Thank you for your kind words about Hermitary in a recent entry of Citydesert. Your site is one of my favorites, and I am always impressed by your prolific output, with its consistently excellent quality and always worthwhile content.
Best wishes,

Do look at Hermitary – http://www.hermitary.com/ – on a regular basis! It reminds us that the eremitical traditional is universal. It is deeply humbling and greatly awe-inspiring to be reminded that those of us who seek to follow the path of the Hermit follow in the footsteps (if, alas, we cannot claim to walk in the shoes) of a vast lineage of men and women from all religious and…

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Meeting the Monster

This post is very enlightening!

Infinite Shift

I’ve been reading a lot of material about meeting our worst fear(s) and moving through to the full experience of that fear. The full experience may mean that what we’re afraid of could actually happen.

After some 50 odd years of exploring my own darker emotions, I thought I had pretty much covered the territory. Apparently not.  First of all, I’d been failing to see something so very obvious I thought it couldn’t possibly be of the “monster fear” variety. Last night I faced it.

                         ajo 004

What if, after all these years of devoting myself to this evolutionary process in which all of humanity is engaged (sometimes unconsciously), I stay the same?

What if I don’t ever really wake up? What if renewal never happens in my own life? What if I never do “fulfill my potential?” What if I never again have the kind of physical energy…

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Open to sunlight!

If only my heart and mind could be open to Sunlight

As this simple blossom is open and turned towards the Sun,

How the radiance of truth would shine about each breath of my soul!

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sounds of silence

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Thin Place

Today, I’ve spent some extra time applying lessons learned!

Wordfromsilence's Blog


Thin Places have been with me for the past week!

It’s like reaching through a veil

To touch the light of fire . . .

The flame is bright!
The wax soft!
I touch

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