Space between Breaths!

Space . . . as I look upon this Word, it seems too immense to me, containing so much possibility which so often pass as undetected! At times this millisecond of stillness catches me with an overwhelming jolt! And, leaves me wondering . . .
This reminds me of the pauses in a musical rendition of a Bach Fugue or a Bethoven Sonata, as well as the pause that stops one short in the blaze of light that blinds, or the tingle of a bell that seems so subtle and illusive that I wonder if I really heard its call in the night or within the turmoil of a heated conversation. It’s call or sounding just simply catches me off guard it seems to bring me back to the stark attention to the moment that reaveal itself as a “space between breaths” which has no other purpose than to draw me simply into the embrace of the Divine-ever-Present Love that engulfs me NOW!  and I am thankful!


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solitary, still, silent
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3 Responses to Space between Breaths!

  1. I’m simply practicing, hoping that this will post in Comments!

  2. Well I see that the little message posted! I’m learning!

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