Burst of Light


Light bursts into a new day!

A New year brings a new day!  A day filled with Light and it’s reflection even in the  shawdowy places of my life.  For this I am thankful!  Light never seems to age, does it?  As I age, always I am drawn to the Light from the shadows of my life; and, the Light put everything into perspective.  Definitely I am on a “threshold” as my life unfolds it seems more swiftly from day to day!  But, always I do attempt to find the Light as my eye opens each day!  Even in darkness, there seems to be a glimmer that attracts me to accept this new day and to simply say to it:  “here I am to do your will!” this word spoken in silence to the Divine Source of all Life that again draws me to itself in its flowing moment of truth and breath!  Is this the SPACE between breaths that I encounterred at another time?  This day is another Sacred Space gifted in love . . . a Word from Silence that I utter as I wake:  “Now I begin !”


About wordfromsilence

solitary, still, silent
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