In the many trials that I have endured in the course of my long life, the challence of being alive and true in the midsts of a “foggy and misty” forest, I am slowly finding my
way through the shadows, ruts and crevices, hoping that the Path I’ve chosen will not be lost forever in the everlastin oblivion of death! One step at a time! Through thick and thin. What are the present PLACES for me? Are they thick or
thin? Denseness impenetrable or veil revealing the shimmer of Light on the other side of SILENCE!
Be still my soul . . . take a moment to breathe deeply, close you eyes and see, truly see as you trustfully go your way into the UNKNOWN!


About wordfromsilence

solitary, still, silent
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  1. A few typing mistakes were made, as well as formating! I need to learn how and where to EDIT that mistakes can be corrected and then posted.

    HOW? and WHERE? is the magic, yet unseen button to be pressed?

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