Meeting the Monster

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Infinite Shift

I’ve been reading a lot of material about meeting our worst fear(s) and moving through to the full experience of that fear. The full experience may mean that what we’re afraid of could actually happen.

After some 50 odd years of exploring my own darker emotions, I thought I had pretty much covered the territory. Apparently not.  First of all, I’d been failing to see something so very obvious I thought it couldn’t possibly be of the “monster fear” variety. Last night I faced it.

                         ajo 004

What if, after all these years of devoting myself to this evolutionary process in which all of humanity is engaged (sometimes unconsciously), I stay the same?

What if I don’t ever really wake up? What if renewal never happens in my own life? What if I never do “fulfill my potential?” What if I never again have the kind of physical energy…

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