Thank you! This site is a spark of light in the darkest places!


Generous words from the author of one of the most important blogs on Hermits: http://www.hermitary.com/ He offers material on the whole eremitical tradition, whereas mine – http://citydesert.wordpress.com/ – is restricted (more or less) to Orthodox Christianity.

“Hello, Fr. Gregory.
Thank you for your kind words about Hermitary in a recent entry of Citydesert. Your site is one of my favorites, and I am always impressed by your prolific output, with its consistently excellent quality and always worthwhile content.
Best wishes,

Do look at Hermitary – http://www.hermitary.com/ – on a regular basis! It reminds us that the eremitical traditional is universal. It is deeply humbling and greatly awe-inspiring to be reminded that those of us who seek to follow the path of the Hermit follow in the footsteps (if, alas, we cannot claim to walk in the shoes) of a vast lineage of men and women from all religious and…

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