The words I encounter in the books I read!


Reading Books is one of the great joys of my life!  Whether from my own library or borrowed from friends or the huge variety available through the public Library, “books” hold for me hidden treasures; and, these are unearthed in unexpected ways, or just simply glow with light and feeling and wisdom.  When darkness seems to envelop my mind, I simply take up a favorite book and open it to a “light-filled page” which offers me a sentence, a phrase, or only a word to lift up my heart and spirit and fill me with joy!

How thankful I am for books!  For the “Book of Life” expressed in and through Nature!  For the “Blank Book” which sits upon a shelf awaiting a word, a mark, a stroke of color or a sketched line, or a little memo to return to this very site of wisdom at another time and…

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