“I Can’t Breathe” – A Trinity Sunday Sermon On Matthew 28:16-20

Blessed be God forever! Breath of Life!

Interrupting the Silence

Trinity Sunday – Matthew 28:16-20

I can't breathe, George Floyd, Baptismal Vows

“I can’t breathe.” 

“I can’t breathe.”

I never imagined I would begin today’s sermon with those words. When I was planning for us to come back together I thought to myself, Trinity Sunday is the perfect day to resume in-person worship. It’s about relationships, communion, and shared life. It’s about unity in diversity, and overflowing love that cannot be contained.

That’s how I’ve experienced our life together here at St. Philip’s. That’s a part of why it’s been so difficult to be apart the last twelve weeks. I’ve missed you, I’ve prayed for you, and I’ve loved you from afar. Today masks can cover your faces but they can’t cover your beauty. And I have to say, I am so happy to see you and it feels so good to be with you.

But I also have to say again, “I can’t breathe.”

I don’t…

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